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Monitoring Software Solutions

The following monitoring software solutions are sold and supported by Frost Solutions:

  • Infoblox
  • AppDynamics
  • Instana
  • </SQM>
  • Kiuwan
  • ShiftLeft

Next Level Networking

Frost Solutions sells Infoblox's Next Level Network and Security solutions:

FS Infoblox

We Now Live in a Hyperconnected World.

In the new hyperconnected world, opportunities are coming at us faster than before—intelligent apps, IoT, machine learning, blockchain and more. Traditional networking excels in the tightly connected world, but was not designed for today where rapidly evolving cloud infrastructure, apps and connected devices are creating both opportunity and risk.
The hyperconnected world demands a new level of networking—designed from the ground up to be agile, while remaining rock solid and secure, with visibility across the entire ecosystem.

To keep up, perhaps you’ve expanded to cloud, added more hardware, or more third-party service providers. This has created enormous complexity which has become absurdly difficult to manage.
Infrastructure is all over the place and customers are getting their services through multiple environments. All of this introduces risks like breaches, data loss and downtime.

Infoblox Why

Application Performance Monitoring

Frost Solutions has years of experience in Application Performance Monitoring solutions. Below are some of the solutions we have access to:

FS AppDynamics APM

Transform the way modern business is built and run. Automated, cross-stack intelligence for continuous business and application performance monitoring.

One Platform Application Performance Business Performance
Automatic and continuous discovery and mapping. Baselines and code-level diagnostics. Real-time analytics. Hyperscale. Drive your business. One unified platform. One user interface. Monitor every line of code. See every user and every transaction across the stack. Real-time analytics for application and business performance monitoring. Correlated metrics that give you answers.
FS AppDynamics Platform FS AppDynamics Performance FS AppDynamics BI
Machine Learning Hyperscale DevOps
Automatic and dynamically constructed performance baselines, anomaly detection, and alerts to code-level diagnostics. Manage thousands of instances in the most complex, distributed, Multicloud, dynamic environments with minimal impact on production. Experiment with confidence and drive enterprise, team, and individual DevOps success with better, more informed decisions based on real-time facts, not opinions.
FS AppDynamics Machine FS AppDynamics Hyperscale FS Appdynamics DevOps 

FS Instana APM

Built for agile organizations, Instana monitors and correlates data from every aspect of the application stack. As IT teams integrate and deploy new code, Instana automatically discovers and continuously aligns with any change.
Continuous Alignment
Continuous automatic discovery aligns to code deployment and your ever changing (micro)service architectures
Service Intelligence
Precise correlation of data and microservice structure delivering automatic root cause identification
Best Digital Experience
Confidence to take risks, innovate faster, and continually optimize your business applications

Organizations benefit from real-time impact analysis, improved quality of service, and optimized workflows that keep applications healthy.
3 second service problem to detection notification
1 second metric granularity to analyze impact of disruption
Built-in knowledgebase with remediation suggestions to accelerate MTTR

Immediate discovery of new services with dependency mapping so your information is always accurate

Every request is automatically traced and analyzed so you’ll never miss an issue

FS Instana Discover FS Instana Trace

Automatic Flow Maps for Services and Endpoints

Error Message Analysis

FS Instana Application Perspectives FS Instana Error Messages

Database Performance Monitoring

Frost Solutions positions devXpress's </SQM> solutions for Database monitoring:

FS devXpress SQM

</SQM> for SQL Server is a comprehensive database performance monitoring and analysis solution for DBAs, IT managers, and application developers.
</SQM> eliminates performance bottlenecks, improves application service, and reduces overall cost of SQL Server operations.

With the cloud based analysis services you don’t have the additional overhead of managing yet another database full of meaningless statistics. Our integration agents will seamlessly communicate your SQL environment statistics, without any performance impact, to our cloud platform resulting in near real-time reports and visual presentation of your SQL performance matrices.

Key Features of </SQM>:

  • Database status, capacity, and query performance
  • SQL Server metrics on a single overview dashboard
  • Little impact on the SQL environment monitored
  • Query Response Time
  • Query Wait Statistics
  • Deadlock Analysis
  • Missing Index Analysis
  • Index Fragmentation Statistics
  • Reporting Services Usage Statistics
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • User Management
  • Plugin based framework
  • Automated SQL and System Alerts
    • Replication Failures
    • Report Failures
    • Disk Free Space
    • Database Growth Size
    • Database Backups
    • Database Status
    • SQL Server Status
    • System Resource Usage
FS SQM Query
FS SQM Missing

Static Program Analysis

Frost Solutions uses Kiuwan's end-to-end application security solutions:

FS Kiuwan

Kiuwan is a SAST Application Security platform specialized in security, quality assurance and application inventory management products.

Kiuwan provide an end-to-end Application Security platform to bring you objective data so you can make informed decisions regarding the security risks of your applications, with information regarding the cost, effort, activity, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependencies. Kiuwan make tough decisions easier and this translates in cost reduction, risk mitigation, objective measurement, software technical security certifications and outsourcing agreement management, to name but a few of the possibilities brought about by our platform.

Kiuwan support multiple application technologies, covering over 20 programming languages. Our platform proves to be of key importance when companies industrialize the Software Development Life Cycle, when they want to secure their applications from cyber threats, going as far as covering SLA compliance all within the most relevant IT frameworks and standards.

FS Kiuwan Risk FS Kiuwan S-SDLC FS Kiuwan Vulnerability FS Kiuwan Security

Continuous Protection and Assurance

Frost Solutions is a reseller of ShiftLeft's cloud security solutions:

FS ShiftLeft

ShiftLeft is the industry's only cloud security solution specific to each version of each application, not to threats.


  • Detect threats without impacting continuous delivery: ShiftLeft protects applications in runtime by relying on the single source of truth - the code itself
  • Protection from key OWASP top-10 risks: Catch vulnerabilities during build time, and protect anything that falls through the cracks automatically at runtime
  • Prevent data leaks: Solve for hard to address scenarios like when a developer unintentionally writes sensitive data to a 3rd party API. Admit it. It happens.
  • Reduce MTTR: By identifying the specific line of code that caused the issue in runtime, eliminate costly debugging so the teams can focus on what matters most, building great software.
  • Enable safe OSS usage: Find out if your open source software usage is causing contextual vulnerabilities: Is data being serialized when the library in use is expecting no serialized data?

Increasingly, more and more applications and services (aka workloads) are moving from data centers to cloud-based platforms. Microservices are becoming prolific and are the accepted way to build applications. This is forcing organizations to re-architect how they do security. Traditionally, security is part of the network (e.g., firewalls, web application firewalls, intrusion prevention systems). Now, network and operating system security is the responsibility of cloud platforms. The customers’ security has to focus on the one thing they own now – the application. This is the area of focus of ShiftLeft.

ShiftLeft’s two-pronged approach unifies build-time and runtime security together. With its proprietary technology, ShiftLeft extracts the security relevant aspects from the application every time it changes and generates the application’s Security DNA, which is used to inform and drive the runtime protection. With ShiftLeft, security is built from the get-go to protect the application from known vulnerabilities, unknown vulnerabilities (that only become known once exploited), and data leakage.

FS Shiftleft Dashboard